Distance education

Link for conducting classes online

Lytvyn Kateryna Yu  - https://meet.google.com/yvs-acng-oge 

Kushnyerova Olena A. meet.google.com/cbq-cxdr-wny 

Shostakovych-Koretskaya Liudmyla R. - meet.google.com/kmc-cphm-xfc   


Many students had errors in sending answers to the department.

You should correctly sign your letter and your homework!

Tasks posted on the site. The number of topics may not match the duration of the cycle - see calendar-thematic plan (schedule).

 Your answers to questions should be sent to the email address of the department no later than 15:00 hours  2nd day after the scheduled class.  Your works that will be sent later than the specified time will not be taken into account. And this student will receive a "nb", as not having handed over the work on time.

Submit answers to your daily activities in one letter. 

Name the file (performed task) should be made by the following rule: Course_Faculty_Group, subgroup (“desyatok”)_ Student's full Name and surname_ number of topic

(example: 5с_II_int_411a_3d_Pupko_Mishra_topic#2)

The same data should be indicated in the text inside the file before your answer.

Also indicate the name of your teacher

(example: 5с_II_int_411a_3d_Pupko_Mishra_topic#2. Teacher - Lytvyn Kateryna)

Duplicate the name of the subject and name of the file in the "email title" in email of the performed task.

Submit answers in one letter. Do not divide tasks into several letters! Do not duplicate letters.

NB! Please read these instructions carefully, as violating them may result in your tasks not being considered.

Otherwise, the student receives a "no credit" for this day (= nb)